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The Association of Faculties of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Inc., is a national organization of nursing educators who teach in pediatric, family and school nurse practitioner programs, and who collaborate on relevant practice and educational issues.

President's Message & Activities of AFPNP

Greetings to all! I am truly honored to serve as AFPNP president for this 2016-2017 year. As a result of the past leadership and contributions from the membership, AFPNP continues to grow as an organization supporting quality education for pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) and those who provide pediatric care. I am privileged to help continue the great work that has already been done.

Goals for this year include continuing to build the membership, enhancing communication, and incorporating technology to facilitate greater member involvement. I encourage each of you to reach out and invite others to join AFPNP. This organization provides a mechanism for those educating future PNPs to come together to discuss educational issues, challenges, solutions, and possibilities. This includes not only faculty working in academic institutions of higher learning, but also PNPS who contribute their expertise as preceptors in acute and primary healthcare settings. Read More

What is a PNP?

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) are health care providers who are dedicated to improving children's health. PNPs have advanced education in pediatric nursing and health care and they serve children and families in an extensive range of practice settings. Working with pediatricians and other health care providers, PNPs have been enhancing the health care of children for over forty years.

What do PNPs do? PNPs serve as pediatric health care providers for well and ill children of all ages. Many parents choose a PNP as their child's health care provider knowing they will receive individualized quality health care. Learn More

Award Recipients

Outstanding Preceptor of the Year Award, 2017
Keeli Irwin, PNP, Mercy Pediatric Clinic, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Outstanding Educator of the Year Award, 2017
Imelda Reyes, Assistant Clinical Professor and Specialty Coordinator of the PNP Programs, Neil Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Winner of the Free Membership Raffle at NAPNAP, 2017
Elizabeth K. Rende, Duke University

Past Recipients List


Take a peek at one of AFPNP's webinars and how a membership with AFPNP can improve current skills as you collaborate and network with fellow faculty. After viewing the webinar please take a moment to fill out the SurveyMonkey.

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